Zhang Xiaowei researches Jack packaging project site in Caoji Township

Zhang Xiaowei inspected the project sites of Jack packaging, Fulin packaging, Peng Yan weaving factory in Sunzhuang village, Dao Fang village seven-color turtle breeding base, dry gate village Fukang paper industry, etc. in Caoji Township.

  In Caoji Township National Entrepreneurship Park, Zhang Xiaowei walked into the production workshop of Jack Packaging, inspected the production of enterprises, understanding the scale of production, production process, product use, market sales, etc.

Ask the person in charge of the enterprise on the investment environment of the Cuyu District opinions and suggestions. The person in charge of the party committee of Caoji Township was instructed to fulfill the promise given to the enterprise, to do a good job in helping the service work, to help the enterprise solve the development

In the development of the enterprise to help solve the problems encountered, to promote the development and growth of enterprises, to contribute to local economic development.

  In Sunzhuang Village Peng Yan Weaving Factory, Zhang Xiaowei talked with the person in charge of the enterprise, and learned in detail about the scale of production, plant area, market sales and so on. When he saw that there was a large piece of unused

When he saw that there was a large piece of unused land in the factory, Zhang Xiaowei hoped that the person in charge of the enterprise would use the unused land resources, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and drive the villagers to increase their income and get rich.

  Caoji Township is located in the northeastern part of the district, 10 kilometers from the city, with convenient transportation conditions, the new and old Sushu Road and the new Yangtze Highway passing through the territory, making the location very advantageous. Zhang Xiaowei inspected the Xin Yang Expressway Suqian

He said that Caoji Township is close to the city and has a high speed exit in its territory, so the traffic conditions are superior. Caoji should fully take advantage of the convenience of transportation, according to their own

He said, Caoji township is close to the city and has excellent transportation conditions.

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